Frank Sinatra
           A director’s dream job.
I jumped at the chance when I was asked the night before to tape his concert at Carnegie Hall, for “The Artists Review and Archive”. He wanted to archive the show and see the architecture of Carnegie Hall, the orchestra as well as the audinece and the concert was classic Sinatra. I hope at least a small part of this archive makes it to commercial release someday, maybe as part of some “lost tapes” compilation. 

**Great News-This show has come out on Rhino as a boxed set as well as a PBS Pledge Special.

He sang all of his classic hits, including “Lady Is A Tramp” “World On A String” “ Got You Under My Skin” “ Come Fly With Me” and of course “New York, New York. Sinatra also conducted the orchestra for one number composed by his music director Vinny Falcon-a rare sight captured on Video. One of my favorite Sinatra songs is “Street Of Dreams”

For a director a taping at the classic Carnegie Hall, with the Chairman of The Board, was a career highlight, preserved for all time which I hope more people can enjoy. They Will-see above
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